March 2, 2022  – Wednesday 9AM please arrive at 8:15 for discussion on front steps.
HEARING -Court to dismiss or enforce restraining order against three recall volunteers.

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Yesterday, in court, different stories came out. Locking the elections office public entrance policy had been changed resulting in a door bell and locked door;  under the penalty of perjury, Natalie Adona changed the policy or Gregory Diaz, or DHS  changed it or staff changed it or the “unwritten policy” in a supposed “email” by Gregory Diaz changed it. Someone changed it!

The “email” was not submitted to the court as evidence.

The  “policy” and testimony “under oath” appeared to be inconsistent except to specifically target and smear the recall volunteers.

This was suspected by the recall volunteers early on so they hired a stenographer so every word under oath was recorded. The county employees stories were incomplete, different, emotionally exaggerated and with so many statements to the effect of “I don’t remember”, I don’t know””I didn’t see” and “I’m not sure”.

Natalie Adona and the County Staff testimonies conflicted numerous statements in the county “press release” and the “Declarations” made by Natalie Adona, Gregory Diaz and Susan Hardin.

The attorney representing the Recall Volunteers, Barry Pruitt, asked questions to Natalie Adona and staff that helped bring out the numerous fabrications and exaggerations.

With so many discrepancies being found initially by Mr. Pruitt with “objections for lack of foundation” “here say” unwitnessed testimony (“Did you see?” “NO” – so repeatedly that it caused the Nevada County Counsel, Mr Milosky and Katherine Elliott, to promote a weaker standard for perjury by promoting a lower standard of evidence as to allow testimony of “here say”. The judge and all attorneys agreed so that the emotional story could be told without interrupting for being incorrect or not factual by being compared to previously submitted written statements in the county’s “press release” and witness “declarations”…under the penalty of perjury.

This “here say” standard  shows tolerance for “belief” versus “facts” with “evidence”. Today, with the release of the two videos and the continued testimony of the injured recall volunteer, the county elections office and the county’s attorneys attempt will continue to be brought to the light of truth.

The county is caught trying to cover up the assault of a recall volunteer.

The whole idea that the county has become corrupt is why the recall effort started. Now that more corruption and lies have surfaced, the fact of politically targeting the recall effort by politicization of the County elections office who specifically targeted recall supporters, staged extreme fear tactics and used masks and COVID to promote their fabricated story of some public threat by recall supporters.

They made up a threat when there was never a threat. This was proven on March 1, 2022 in court. The county’s effort to discredit the recall efforts completely backfired when the two January 20th, 2022 videos by the recall volunteers were viewed by the general public during the hearing.  These videos were shown in the courtroom to the County attorneys, judge and public who were able to see the recall volunteer being slammed and injured while walking into the elections office on Hanuary 20, 2022. The volunteer “did not have her hands on the door and did not push the door open. (Please also read the court record and the fictional county press release and Declarations, then watch the videos.) These January 20th, 2022 videos showed that it was the County staff who assaulted an innocent volunteer while the volunteer was performing her civic duty.
The videos showed staff open the locked door wide enough for the volunteer to enter then the staff member forcibly pushed the door the door on to the citizen while grunting words “you can’t come in here without a mask”. The recall volunteer was injured with the door which cut her foot.

While Gregory Diaz was out of town, Natalie Adona or someone else, possibly the Security that works for the Board of Supervisors (who are being recalled) placed a door bell outside the elections office to stop people from entering the office.

So much fear has been used for power and control that at one point Natalie Adona tearfully promoted the idea that she and staff feared for their lives. This was a fabrication proven later in the hearing.

The effort of Nevada County Counsel to protect Natalie Adona and staff is an embarrassment and petty politics.

As proponent of the recall, and having visited the elections office probably 35 times, I never have witnessed any unethical or threatening behavior toward the staff of any department by any of the recall volunteers.

Yes we asked questions to the staff of the elections office about the unnecessary delays, why Natalie Adona opened the office to Dan Miller when the office was closed, why Natalie Adona yelled at myself and was extremely uncooperative and rude on January 19th, 2022. Yes we asked questions and as recall volunteers asked questions the more angry Natalie Adona and Gregory Diaz became. See videos January 19, 20, and 28th.
I feel that it was anger from asking compelling questions about the corruption of the county that triggered retaliation.

Yes, I believe the facts and videos show that the elections office, led by Natalie Adona and Gregory Diaz, tried to stage a political smear event. To me it is obvious that the elections office became converted to a retaliatory iron fist of the Board of Supervisors in order to conceal facts and gain power and control over the citizens. Get the facts, watch the videos, interview staff and witnesses and read the press releases and declarations then decide. Don’t fall for popular fake news fictional narratives.

Innocent victims who cannot afford legal defense get restraining orders Ins prosecution by corrupt government power hungry individuals all the time. Support the recall effort, sign the recall and help defend freedom. It takes money to fight corruption. Please, I implore of you to be generous in the fight to live free. Be generous as were the founders of this country who gave their lives and fortune to preserve sacred honor. It’s an honor to be persecuted for liberty. I declare that once liberty is lost, only blood will bring it back and we had a revolution to have a rule of law to prosecute perjury and to recall Supervisors through non-violent election laws that provide for the process of letting the voters decide. We must protect the voters rights for fair and honest Elections.

The elections office corruption has been exposed and we as citizens must fix it and also throw out the corrupt bums called our representatives of the board of supervisors. Do not shirk your civic duty. Honest good and wise representatives who respect the oath of office and the constitution are needed now. Live free by preserving liberty, it’s your god given right. Calvin Clark, District 4 Recall Proponent

WHEN: 9:00 AM Wednesday March 2, 2022
WHERE: Court House 201 Church St., Nevada City, CA
CONDUCT: A+ Behavior. “Masks required”
WHAT MAY HAPPEN AGAIN: Corruption will be exposed. Restraining order dismissed.
More videos released.

More evidence proving county corruption and intent by the county to politically target the recall effort. (After the staff member slammed the recall volunteer in the door, she apologized twice. Yes, twice!.)

County will not apologize or Court will order county to apologize to three recall volunteers and to public.

Possible suit against county staff and elections office for political and physical attack on citizens identified as “Respondents” and “Proponents” of the recall.

Suit for violating civil rights and defamation.

Resignations of Natalie Adona and staff by making claims of work injuries to get disability benefits.

Grand Jury investigation into elections office Staff for making false claims and for corruption.

Grand jury investigation of corruption to finally serving subpoenas. Has the grand jury ever investigated this level of corruption or helped stop the county from abusing the public?

Will county crimes be prosecuted?

Prosecutions for perjury.

Discovery of corruption from records requests, all emails between and by supervisors and county staff to target the recall effort, etc.

TO DO: Attend today and Please write down notes. Request copies of court record. Write letters to grand jury, newspaper.

AVOID: Interrupting. Could result in contempt.

Blessings to the recall effort and volunteers who have always been honest and kind through the whole recall process. We will restore honesty by replacing corrupt County officials. Some day the constitution will again work for the Citizens of Nevada County under a moral basis of organized justice! The reasons for recall expose much corruption. There is more!

I’ll be there at 8:15am to answer questions and prepare to enter the court building.
Bring all honest reporters

Thank you,
Calvin Clark, Proponent of Recall District 4, Nevada County


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