Raw Video and Transcript of 1/20 Assault at Elections Office Door

My (Teine Kenney’s) YouTube channel with raw videos and transcript of 1/20 assault at elections office door.

Video recorded on Teine Kenney and Chip Mattoon’s phone at Nevada County Clerk/Recorder’s office door.





TK:         It’s saying ring bell.

JM:         Did you?

TK:         Where’s the bell?

JM:         I’m, I don’t know.

CM:        We should take a picture of that too.                                    (Foot photo of right leg out)

JM:         Did you.

CM:        Yeah I took a picture.


JM:         I’m going to push it. (Rings doorbell) A red light came on.

JM:         Somebody…

SH:         Hi

TK:         Hi there

00:23 —- This is where my right hand goes toward the right wall can’t see open door —–

SH:         Uhm, you guys need masks to come in


TK:         Okay, I’m going to come in…right now. I’m going to come in. (I walk in the lobby)

SH:         You are not going to come in. (You can hear the door hit me.)


TK:         awh, awh

SH:         You are not going to come in. (GRUNTING)

TK:         You are actually really hurting me.

SH:         Are you really going to do this?

00:31 ——- This is where Chips video starts with my left hand behind my back ————-

TK:         No, you can’t do that to me.

SH:         Yes. We’re..

TK:         No, you have to call the Sheriff then, you can’t do this. You can’t do this I’m sorry.

SH:         Are you seriously gunna to video tape this?

TK:         You have to…

From this point on there are two conversations happening, C&J with Susan, and me with a clerk behind the counter and the guard interjecting that I should go outside.

WM:      Absolutely

SH:         You guys are scaring the sh.. out of me. You’re terrifying me.

WM:      You’re assaulting one of our citizens

SH:         You’re assaulting me
WM:      No
JM:         You just shoved a door on someone
TK:         You just slammed the door on my foot.
WM:      You wouldn’t let us in our building

SH:         You’re terrifying me

JM:         We don’t mean to do that at all

SH:         We ask us not to come in without you’re masks,
and you continue to come in without your masks

JM:         Right?

SH:         That’s terrifying.

TK:         To meet, ah, where do I wait?

Guard:   You wait outside

TK:         No, I need to wait in here.

Guard:   You need to stay outside.

Clerk:    If you’re not needing recorder help you need to stand on that …

TK:         Oh! Over here by the photos. Thank you.

Clerk:     Thank you.

JM:         Well it’s not meant to be

Guard to Teine: You need to stay outside.

SH:         I apologize, I do not need your (permission?)

WM:      Yeah that’s fine, You need to prove we’re a direct threat though, which we are not.

( Note)Teine (Dana) Has her left hand behind her back & right hand recording with phone while entering through the door. She did not push the door into

Jacquelyn & William Mattoon 1-26-22

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