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What is the County Board of Supervisors?

The legislative body of five elected individuals who represent the five geographical area districts in Nevada County.

What authority do the supervisors have?

The County Board of Supervisors operates as both the legislative and executive authority of the county, as well as having quasi-judicial authorities. They may set priorities for the county, supervise official conduct of county officers, direct and control conduct of county litigation, and raise revenue. Some examples include: Hiring our public health officer; Hire a CEO to act for them; They save or waste taxpayers dollars.

Who is my supervisor?

Click here to see the map and find your supervisor.

It is important to input your address into the box on map, rather than just looking at the image on the website.

Who is being recalled?

District 1 – Heidi Hall
District 2 – Ed Scofield
District 3 – Dan Miller
District 4 – Sue Hoek
District 5 – Hardy Bullock

Can I sign the recall if I don’t live in one of these districts?

No. You must be a registered voter in their district. Click here to see if you are registered.

What does it mean to recall a supervisor?

It means we are not satisfied with their job performance, so we are going to recall them before their term is up. If the recall is successful, that will prompt a special election.

These are the five reasons we are recalling all five Nevada County Board of Supervisors: Click here.

When will a special election take place?

If we get signatures quickly enough, then there won’t be a special election. The new supervisors will be elected with the regular election on June 7, 2022.

It’s important to note, all five supervisors are in office until Jan, 2023 and Dan Miller (District 3) and Sue Hoak’s (District 4) terms end in Jan, 2023 since they are moving. They will thus be considered lame ducks for six months (from the election day June 7, 2022 to Jan, 2023, and be able to vote even though they will not be in office anymore after Jan, 2023.

I want to run for supervisor!

If you want to have your name on the ballod for June 7, 2022, you must register to run by Feb 14, 2022 with the elections office and District 4.

Note: you can file to run in District 3 or 4 by Februrary 15th, since District 3 and 4 will be vacated Jan, 2023.

Why not ask for their resignation instead?

We have asked for their resignation. If a supervisor resigns, unfortunately Governor Newsom will appoint a supervisor in their place. Election code: 11302

This recall is to expose and replace the supervisors for their tyrannical vioting record and for malfeaceance and negligence.

If anyone gives you any other reasons first check the 5 reasons for recall that were drafted by over 100 proponents in all five districits.

Click here to see the reasons for a recall as part of their report card.

Do all five supervisors have to agree to open the county?

No. Most votes on the board are passed by majority, though some require a 4:1 vote.

Regardless, the damage has been done. They enabled the damage to be done, therefore, they still need to be recalled even if the county does open. They did not consider nullifying any part of the state mandates. Instead they took the money from the state with the pay increases, and expansive bloated government programs. It is believed that this is a form of bribery from the state to take over county and local governments.

What is the salary and benefits of a supervisor?

2019 average pay and benefits was $68,000. They also receive a county pension and medical benefits. Click here to see their actual salaries and benefits on Transparent Nevada County.

How much time are they required to work per week?

To our knowledge, the Nevada County supervisors, only have to be present at the weekly meeting which equates to approximately 4-6 hours per week.

Can a recalled supervisor run again after recall?

Yes, they can.

What do those supporting the recall want to accomplish?

We want every citizen in the county to know the reasons for recall. It’s upto the citizens to decide if they want to recall their supervisor.

We believe, that when people know what their respresentatives have been doing, they will immediately write a letter to the grand jury, attend the meetings and speak out, write letters to the editor, and warn their neighbors that their property rights, right of life and right to liberty are at the break of ruin.

How can I help?

Print the petitions and gather the names and phone numbers of as many people as possible in who will sign the petitions. Sign your own District petition.

Stay informed with our scheduled events.

Attend a Board of Supervisors meeting to experience first hand the complete disregard for We the People, the massive spending using C.A.R.E.S and ARPA funds, and locking them into a contract to follow federal regulations, regardless of morals, conscience, or upholding their oath to protect and serve the citizens of Nevada County.

Can’t volunteer your time? you may donate to help pay for expenses of this recall:

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