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I have read the 5 Reasons for Recall and I am ready to sign the petition. Follow this simple and historical process below for recalling your supervisor:

1. Am I registered to vote at my current Nevada County address? Not sure? Call the Elections office (530.265.1298). Your can register by picking up a registration form at your local post office.

2. Who is my Supervisor? You can look look up on map or by entering your address:
Click here to see the map and find your supervisor.

3. Download my Supervisor’s petition. Click on one of the buttons below.

4. Carefully fill in the petition – follow the example below.
* Keep signatures in signature area.
* Very Important! Do not write in side boxes and no extra markings.
* Keep the petition clean and neat.
* If you make a mistake, start over.
* Use similar signature as you did on your voter registration form.
* Need help? Contact Us


5. Turn in the petition – mail to:
American Healing Angels Recall
PO Box 1508, Penn Valley, CA 95946

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